Green Ring Everlasting Lane section

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"The St. Albans Green Ring route will run approximately parallel to Everlasting Lane in Batchwood Everlasting Lane is an un-surfaced green lane that can be used as an alternative route to avoid traffic. "

It is proposed to construct a new tarmac path across the recreation ground in Temple View from access on Temple View going North West to an entrance onto Everlasting Lane"

Feasibility study pages 15-17
Googlemap ref

2.5m wide tarmac cyclepath sloping down from playing fields to Everlasting Lane max gradient 1:12 sides 1:2.5

this appears to be option 3 from the feasibility study

Why was Sutrans' reccomended route not taken up?

Will there be a cycling right of way accross the Recreation ground to provide a legal link to City Hospital?

Will cycle parking be installed in the Recreation Ground?

What work is being planned on the Everlasting lane section of this route? (In particular surfacing and width)

Will lighting be installed?


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