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  • Green Ring Bernards heath section 2

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    2.5m bound gravel cycle path following existing informal route "proposed to widen and reconstruct the existing path through the Recreational Ground to Sandridge Road. "

    Feasibilty study page 24
    Googlemaps ref

    What is being planned for the crossing of Sandridge road and when will it be delivered?

    Sustrans reccomendation:
    Cross Sandridge Road via a central refuge – consider creating another central refuge
    on Sandridge Road to the north east of Boundary Lane for cyclists wishing to travel in
    that direction. An alternative would be to create a Zebra crossing at this location
    without a central refuge. This would avoid the pinch point created by a refuge for
    those cycling along Sandridge Road.

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  • Green Ring Bernards Heath section 1

    Created by mike1727 // 1 thread

    Link between NCN 6 near Townsend Drive to Edward Beaufort Drive

    "It is proposed to cross Bernard’s Heath on a 2.5 metre width hard-surfaced gravel pathway running approximately parallel to Heath Farm Lane. It will follow the existing informal route through the Heath. "

    Feasibilty study page 23
    google map reference

    Please ensure any bollards/posts at each end of the section allow sufficent width for tandems and bike trailers.

    When is additional work on this link due?

    Feasibility study reccomended :

    •Widen roadside footway to maximum available using Highways land to rear of footway between Edmund Beaufort Drive and new crossing of Harpenden Road

    • Cross Harpenden Road using Toucan on crest of hill

    We could do with some photos of this please.

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