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  • Jenning Road - Lemsford Road bridge link

    Created by Rona471 // 1 thread

    The link is scheduled to be closed for water main installation for six weeks from 30 September.

    Nearest alternative ways to cross the railway line are Sandpit Lane (busy road with splitter islands!) or bridge link to York Road (nice and quiet but steps to bridge)

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  • ASLs at King William junction

    Created by mike1727 // 1 thread

    The roadworks at the King William Junction seem to have been complete.
    We should asses them and produce a report on what they are like to ride. It would be useful to produce an on bike video whowing what they look like from a cyclists' point of view in traffic, especially contrasting the Marshalswick lane experience with the Sadridge road experience.

    There are ASLs on the Sandridge Road arms with feeder lanes but nothing on the Marshalswick Lane arms.

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